Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Teenage Fanclub's Second From HERE

Oh, yeah, they def rock.

We liked the first one from long-time faveband Teenage Fanclub's forthcoming LP and LOVE the second, posted below. Here should be here on 9sep16. Till then we float on thin air.

And while we're at it, how could we not repost our all-time favorite by TFC? Right: no way. This one drives us wild with pleasure.

And in case you missed it, here's one of our favorite songs of the century, courtesy of former TFC drummer Paul Quinn's band, The Primary 5.

Wand Magic Got Our Head Floating

A Wand wand*** (That wand looks awfully familiar.)

We've been enjoying and buying L.A. band Wand's conjurations for a couple of years now and were entranced/blown away by their four-song performance posted at KEXP last week. Here's our favorite, but all of them did the trick. Go to the KEXP post to see the rest.

***See Amber Knecht's excellent Flickrpics here.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Faves from Ice Cream Man's Power Popsicle Brain Freeze Compilation (Part 2): Tommy Sistak, Sally Stitches, Dirt Royal, Marauders, Tommy Lorente, Kent Norberg, The Walker Brigade, David Brookings and The Average Lookings

Below are eight more of our favorites from Ice Cream Man's Power Popsicle Brain Freeze compilation. Once again, we'll post the entire compilaton, followed by the eight faves, numbered for your inconvenience. All are available for free and legal downloading at Futureman Records Bandcamp page. Click here to see our previous PPBF faves post.









Sunday, August 07, 2016

Faves from Ice Cream Man's Power Popsicle Brain Freeze Compilation (Part 1): The Galileo 7, Arvidson & Butterflies, Glenn Robinson, Talk Show Host, Hanky Panky, Readymade Breakup, The Manics, Broken Promise Keeper

For the past couple of years, powerpop empresario/ice cream man Wayne Lundquist Ford has issued compilations of free and legally downloadable primo powerpop. And each year the scoops get bigger and better. We just got through consuming all 139 of this year's fare, waddled over to our editing box, and are posting our very favorites below and in a future post.

But here's how were doing it. The first widget has all 139 scoops, in case you want to scarf them as we did, one by one. Underneath that first widget come eight of our favorites, not necessarily in playing order. We will indicate each song's number, just in case that might be, you know, useful.

Many thanks to Wayne Lundquist Ford for these incredible compilations. As he helpfully pointed out, if the quota of downloads has been met at his Bandcamp page, you can also find the compilation free of charge at the Futureman Records Bandcamp page.

Click here and here for the two previous Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More compilations. We'll be posting our other eight faves soon.









Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Comp Faves Catchup #2: Eux Autres, the Waistcoats, Mauk e Os Cadillacs Malditos, Twinpine(s), The Red Plastic Buddha, Ghost Dance Collective, Sun Mahshene

Here's the promised followup post in which we try to catch up on free & legal favesongs from groovilicious LP compilations. Of the making of music there is no end, and frankly, we're tickled pink.

From Living High On The Dirty Business Of Dreams (Where You Are Is Where It's At sampler) - Free download here

Eux Autres

From 50,000,000 Elves Fans Can't Be Wrong ( Where It's At Is Where You Are Xmas comp) - Seven months behind or five months ahead? You decide. - Free download here

the Waistcoats

From The Cure In Other Voices (The Blog That Celebrates tribute to, duh, The Cure) - Free download here - Most of The Cure classics are covered, but we were mainly excited by the two below. Admittedly our ears might be being a bit picky.

From DGAB #5 (Dogs Got A Bone Records) - Free download here

The Red Plastic Buddha

Ghost Dance Collective

Sun Mahshene

Comp Faves Catchup #1: Ghost Transmission, The Myrrors, Heaters, Magic Castles, Rancho Relaxo, Tales of Murder and Dust, Soft Science, Drakes Hotel, Citrus Clouds, Death Valley Sleepers, Follow Me Not

We try to keep up with favorite free and legals we're finding on groovy compilation LPs but sometimes we simply fail to keep up. Hence this post (and a second to follow).

From Zero Hour - Suicide Revisited (The Blog That Celebrates Itself comp) - Free download here

From The Active Listener Sampler 42 - Free download here

The Myrrors


From The Psychedelic Underground Generation - Summary - Free download here

From Soft as Fire in The House of Love (The Blog That Celebrates Itself tribute to The House of Love - Free download here

The Kickstand Band Cut One

We love stone, Gothic arches, and TKB.

Yes, yes, we do love this Detroit duo, as previously indicated. The first song in the widgie is our fave from Cut 'Em Loose, but you can get all three on the EP below.

Furthermore, we can't resist posting our all-time favorite by TKB and also post the video so as to give you a touch of their whimsical charm.

Download the entire Puppy Love LP for name-your-price at Bandcamp.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Video Age - Living Alone

They do have some videos on YouTube, but they're kind of static: not much motion in the picture. NEVERTHELESS, this Nawleans duo have put out one of the best, most moving LPs these two ears have heard so far this year. Here are our four faves. Click here if you want to hear and buy more of Living Alone.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Secret Shrines - Collisions

Groove now to this slinky little psychrocker emanating from Brisband, Sacred Shrines. The quintet's new LP, Come Down from the Mountain can be purchased herehere and here.

Hear and buy all or part of the LP below.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Getting sucked into Laika's Orbit . . .

. . . does not suck. Oh, no, far from it, quite the opposite, in fact. Through the good graces of the excellent new-to-us blog Poprock Record we found the excellent new-to-us blog Mufoandthings. And through the excellent Mufoandthings we found the excellent new-to-us New England band Laika's Orbit. Their name-your-price LP kicks off with our favorite song on No Matter What It Takes, "No Matter What It Takes," as you can easily see and hear.

Speaking - well, writing, actually - of the aforementioned Poprock Record, we highly recommend his cogent post, "Poprock versus power pop." If we could write so fluently and persuasively about music, well, we just might give it a try. Thus, we do not even.

Since they'll apparently be touring in August with Amherst, Mass. band California X and since we've bought, oh, a mutant handful (7) of C X's songs, we'll give you a widgie with one of our favorites. The rest of Nights in the Dark is also in the widgie.

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