Wednesday, October 19, 2016

CFM, aka Charles Francis Moothart - The Stooge

Charles Moothart, bandmate of  Mikal Cronin (Moonhearts and Cronin solo LPs), Ty Segall (FuzzGØGGS, Ty Segall Band), and head head in the band CFM, has just released a single from his forthcoming EP. Homegrown Paranoia is set to drop in November via In The Red Records. Needless to say, it rawks. Listen below and if you like, head over to Still in Rock for further enlightenment.

Here's one of the collaborations we pointed you towards many moons ago. (Heads should appear once you click the play arrow.)

Recent Explorations Via Hubble Telyscopes

Remember our post last year on Alexandria, VA's A Marc Train Home, Lenclair, Jack Hubble (or Hubbell), and his band Telyscopes???? (Sure, why not, pp, what are you getting at?) Quite a bit, actually, and thank you for remembering, or pretending to, because we just got emailed word that Jack's been up to more mischief, and it's rather stellar. And by checking it out, we found that almost everything in TelyscopesBandcamp catalog is now available for name-your-price download, even the stuff we spent our hard-earned on sometime in April of last year.

We sampled everything we hadn't listened to last year and were frankly enraptured. Jack's an adventurous sort, sometimes perhaps an ooch or twelve more than "necessary," but then that's kind of what we thought about Car Seat Headrest, who is now one hot item in the (admittedly smallish) world of blogs Indie. So who knows what the future holds for Jack and the Telys?

We earmarked lots and lots of Telyscopic discoveries for our personal music library but are highlighting our very favorites.

This is from the latest LP, the one we got the email about. We also particularly liked #1 and #8.

We bought this one last year. You don't have to if you click here.

We also bought this one and the one below, along with #3, 5 & 6. We would call #3 pretty pure power pop but for the fact it's one of the most ribald double p songs we've ever heard. Nothing worse than what one of the two major party presidential candidates has uttered (and done), though.

This one dropped in May of this year. We really liked the following as well: #2, 5, 7, 9, 12, & 13.

Oh, and we enjoyed this videoscopic representation of the previously widgeted song, "Victory."

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Giving Thanks for The New Frustrations' Plymouth Rock

Maybe we should wait till late next month, but what the hell. Many thanks to Faster and Louder for the headsup on Plymouth, Mass. band The New Frustrations' reissue of early aughts powerpunkpop. Two excellent EPs are available for name-your-price download at Bandcamp. Here are our favorites.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Streamers: Garden Gate, Teevee, The Orange Kyte, Affordable Hybrid, Our Girl

Songdrop's back, and we're pretty darned happy about it. (How happy are we? Just look at the picture above.) We've gone back through and dropped into our Currents 3 mix all the ones we put in regular posts during Songdrop's hiatus, plus all the ones from lists we've been compiling the last week or so.

Below, though, are a few that for one reason or another, still won't drop. We like them and thought you might want to give ear. Oh, and it's gonna take awhile, but over the next few days, we hope to drop these recent drops into other appropriate Songdrop mixes, such as Powerpop 1, Powerpop 2, Early Powerpop, Indierock 1, Indierock 2, Jangle 1, Jangle 2, Femmes, Oz, Kiwis, Covers, Alternative Heyday, Psych, and Shoegaze.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

TAL Compilation Faves: The Beginner's Mynd , 8x8, The Planets Collide, Distant Creatures

Sad we were to hear that Mr. Nathan Ford will be somewhat less active bloggily than in times past. Glad we were that he promised continued compilations for and from The Active Listener. Below are our favorites from the latest, Sampler 43. These and the remaining thirteen are available for name-your-price download.

Ice Cream Man's New Flavour of the Month . . .

. . . is busy melting in the mou ears and oh, yeah, we're scarfing, bae bae. Hot on the heels of his gargantuan, hugely incredible 139-scoop summer compilation, Power Pop Brain Freeze, the Ice Cream Man cometh with a new serving of tasty treats. Below are our three favoured flavours, but please do go check out all of them and see which best sate your own particular palate. The (name your) price is right!

And if you really thought we'd let this opportunity slip by without posting the following groovy thing, we're really quite, like, not chuffed.

Beebe Gallini Remember the Sixties

As some wag(s) put it, "If you remember the Sixties, you really weren't there."

So were they, Beebe Gallini, there? Not sure, but this St. Paul, Minnesota band's groovy tuneage hearkens back to the fab decade very nicely indeed. We remember it well, so I guess we weren't there, though this somewhat disjointed intro might suggest otherwise. We're posting our four favorites from their name-your-price EP or LP (not sure about that either . . . it's got eight songs). After that, it's up to you. Click here to go there.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Well Wishers AREN'T the Enemy and ARE Just Right

Hot off their (his, Jeff Shelton's, really) excellent June release, Comes And Goes, fly two new sizzlers by San Francisco faveband The Well Wishers. "I'm Not The Enemy" is available below for free download, and the understatedly titled "It's Just Right" stands ready to increase pulse rate/dopamine flow beyond optimum levels.*** And in case you missed it, we're including Comes And Goes as well.

We've been enjoying The Well Wishers for quite a while now, and you might want to check out some of our previous posts on the band, not for the writing, of course, but because several of them still have free and legal downloadables available. We've also been enjoying Jeff Shelton's insights over at the I Love Power Pop Facebook group page and his always in-the-know Power Pop Show, which you can hear live or via podcast. The Facebook link is to an enjoyable thread in which a 'booker asks the question, "Are there any powerpop bands/artists that everyone seems to love, but you just couldn't get into?" Go watch the fur fly if you like, but be prepared to find your favorite band dissed and dismissed (but also, in most cases, defended).

***Yassss, we contradict our postitle, but so, like, what?

Friday, September 16, 2016

Video Streamers: Fun Cam, Imperial Broads, Dog Party, Tomorrow Syndicate, Diamond Hands

FYI: Imperial Broads include a . . . narrow.

As promised, here are a few more highly esteemed songs that Songdrop's too busy snoozing to absorb into widgets. Yo, 'drop, wtf up.

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